The Global City at 30: An anniversary roundtable

Countless cities today aspire to be globalised hub of the world’s economy. Being a “global city” is a common reference point for city leaders around the globe and a continuous source of academic inquiry as much as dispute. One text, which turns 30 this year, has done much to advance the popularity of this phrase.

Since its 1991 publication, Saskia Sassen’s The Global City has become a reference point for more than a few generations of scholars. Hotly debated within urban studies and widely referenced across academia, its outlook on the globalisation of cities has left a mark on the way many scholars and practitioners think of urban development.

We held a roundtable panel to celebrate, discuss and look ahead from the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of The Global City, with a star panel of urbanists in conversation with its author.

Panellists wereSaskia SassenMichele AcutoSusan FainsteinRichard SennettBen DerudderHilary Koob-SassenMargarita RodriguezXuefei Ren, and Roger Keil.

The event was hosted by the Melbourne Centre for Cities at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP).

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